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UK Electronic Cigarettes, Starter Kits and Accessories

Welcome to CIGEES Electronic cigarettes, your one stop shop for all your Ecig starter kits, accessories and E-Liquid refills. At Cigees we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of Electronic cigarette products at very affordable prices. If you are new to e-cigs you may want to try one of our Classic Starter Kits with prices from as little as £12.00 each. You can save up to 80% when compared to normal cigarettes and once you have tried us you will definitely be back for more.

 Get great deals on Classic, Majestic and CE5 Refiller Starter Kits, Cartomizers, Femme Luxury Starter Kits, CE5 E-Liquid refills and much more.

 If you are serious about finding an alternative to smoking you will be glad you chose CIGEES. We have a very high success rate and for very simple reasons.

    • They feel and look just like a real cigarette
    • You have got something to do with your hands
    • Huge savings
    • Very few restrictions on where you can use them
    • The E-cigarette diminishes the craving for real cigarettes
  • They produce water vapour with no tar or carbon monoxide
  • ECigs are more acceptable on social occasions

 Whether you are looking for an alternative to smoking or already use e-cigs, make sure you choose the best brand, best value E-cigarettes in the UK.

Cigees Classic Starter Kit


£ 12.00

Cigees Classic Starter Kit with Car...

A Perfect Starter Kit or Gift. Give the Freedom of Electronic Smoking CONTENTS: 1 Cigees Rech... more

£ 15.00

5 or 50 Pack Classic Cartomizers

Above Price is for a Pack of 5 Cartomizers SAVE 12p PER CARTOMIZER AND GET FREE SHIPPING ... more

£ 6.00

Classic Leather Pouch & Lanyard

A beautifully crafted leather Pouch to fit your CIGEES Classic with a Lanyard. Don't loose your... more

£ 6.00

Battery & USB Charger Bundle

NEW PRICE REDUCTION! FANTASTIC VALUE BUNDLE Two Classic High Capacity 280mah Batteries with... more

£ 15.60

5 Pack Classic Menthol EXTRA

  A High Strength Menthol Cartomizer with an EXTRA shot of Menthol. These Cartomizers wil... more

£ 6.00

Two Pin European Mains Charger

240v European Style 2 Pin Mains Charger more

£ 4.20

Classic Battery 5 Pack RED TIP

Buy a 5 Pack and get 20% Discount! Your Saving is £6.00 5 x Large Capacity 280mah ... more

£ 24.00

Majestic E-Cigarette Starter Kit


£ 30.00

Majestic Menthol Extra Cartomizer 5...

A High Strength Menthol Cartomizer with an EXTRA shot of Menthol. These Cartomizers will give y... more

£ 6.60

Majestic Trial Kit

If you are not sure about the Large Capacity Majestic E-Cig then this is the kit for you. Incl... more

£ 10.20

CE5 E-Liquid 10ml Bottle in 14 FLAV...

NEW LOW PRICE! 10rnl E-Liquid to re-fill the CE5 REFILLER Clearomizers. Each bottle contains v... more

£ 3.60

CE5 Refiller Cigees Lanyard

Make sure that you don't lose your CE5 Refiller with this handy Lanyard. Just remove the CE5 Cl... more

£ 6.00

CE5 Refiller Starter Kit

NEW LOW PRICE! Everything you need to get started 14 Great Flavours of E-Liquid are available... more

£ 30.00

New CE5 Refiller Trial Kit

NEW LOW PRICE! Tobacco or Menthol Flavour If you are not sure about refillable E-Cigs then th... more

£ 10.20

Cigees classic electronic cigarette, cost saving tests carried out

Cigees commissioned an independent test to measure the cost saving of electronic cigarettes v normal cigarettes. It was found that a Cigees Classic Cartomizer lasts for an average of 280 draws against an average of 18 draws for a normal cigarette. The result was that smoking one Classic Cartomizer is equivalent to smoking 15.5 normal cigarettes.

With the cost of cigarettes in the UK a present, 15.5 cigarettes would cost £5.34. One Cigees Classic Cartomizer, giving the same number of draws, costs £1.00 when bought in a “5 Pack”. This test proved a saving of 81% when using Cigees Classic instead of normal cigarettes.

However, the benefit of not inhaling Carbon Monoxide and the 4000 or so dangerous chemicals found in normal tobacco cigarettes is a far greater saving to your health!


E-Cig News

12th March 2014

Users warn EU e-cigarette controls could cost lives

Users warn EU e-cigarette controls could cost lives Supporters say electronic cigarettes are saving thousands of lives, detractors believe they could be dangerous and are making smoking seem sexy. But following a decision in the European Parliament their availability will be restricted in the future. MEPs voted to introduce new regulations which will control what kind of e-cigarette can be sold i...